At the core of RialtoLabs is a team of adept scientists and problem solvers, blending experience with expertise in spectroscopy, agriculture, and data science.

our story

The spark for RialtoLabs was formed during the lockdown period. An interestingly creative time, certainly difficult on occasions, but overall a serendipitous one in retrospect. Great minds found the time to collaborate and identify an opportunity to advance a sustainable but underutilised technology and apply this to address the most pressing challenges in the food and agriculture industry today.

We are now established in Dublin, Ireland, and have completed AgTech UCD Agccelerator Programme. Our progress is a testament to those who contributed their time to RialtoLabs in the early days, and to those who continue on the journey today.

Having found a personal way to do what we love to do, we are working to craft modern data-driven solutions that drive progress and innovation in a sustainable manner.

More specifically, we are dedicated to promoting the wider adoption of NIR spectroscopy and look forward to introducing new clients to the numerous advantages, added value, and compelling reasons to consider integrating this technology into their processes.

Together, our team has a common goal to deliver cutting-edge solutions and services that are driven with environmental and social impact in mind.

RialtoLabs joins AgTechUCD Innovation Centre's 2nd Agccelerator Programme

our purpose

To create modern solutions that align with the vision and goals of a climate-neutral, sustainable, and digitally connected planet

our mission

To advance sustainability with green chemistry solutions, addressing the most pressing challenges in the food and agriculture industry

our goal

To deliver analysis results in near real time, on-site at the point of measurement

We believe sharing knowledge, expertise, and best practices can accelerate the adoption of sustainable technologies and lead to innovative breakthroughs

The heart of any successful endeavor is the people behind it

If you’re passionate, driven, and seeking a collaborative environment where innovation thrives, you’ve come to the right place. We foster a culture that embraces diversity, creativity, and growth.

Join us in shaping the future, making a meaningful impact, and being part of a team that values your unique perspective.

Having a culture of effective collaboration is the driving force of innovation

If you are a technology provider, a research institute, or an agricultural organisation we welcome the opportunities for co-creation, knowledge exchange, and mutual growth.

Together, we can collectively address complex sustainability challenges with a broader perspective and contribute to a sustainable and resilient future.